Johan Tjärnberg Appointed as CEO of Trustly

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The Board of Directors of Trustly has confirmed that Oscar Berglund has chosen to end his tenure as CEO of the global online payments and banking solutions provider.

Trustly announced that Berglund would step down from CEO duties, having chosen to take on the role of Chief Business Officer (CBO) overseeing the group’s global commercial strategy.

The Board of Directors has decided to appoint Johan Tjärnberg, currently Chairman of Trustly, as the new CEO starting January 17, 2022. Fredrik Näslund, Board Member at Trustly, and Partner at Nordic Capital Advisors will take on the role as Chairman of the Board.

Over the past year, Trustly has seen significant growth, both in Europe and North America, with North America now representing close to half of total group revenue compared to around one-fifth a year ago. As Trustly is becoming an increasingly large, global and more complex company, Oscar Berglund thinks the time is right to hand over to a new CEO. Johan Tjärnberg is an ideal candidate for this role as he brings invaluable experience from scaling global payments businesses and also has an impressive track record of innovation within the payments industry.

Fredrik Näslund, Board Member at Trustly, and Partner at Nordic Capital Advisors, said: “The Board of Directors is delighted that Johan Tjärnberg has agreed to take on the role as CEO. The Board would also like to thank Oscar Berglund for his dedication and instrumental contributions to Trustly since inception of the business more than ten years ago. Going forward, Oscar will remain as an engaged shareholder and work closely with Johan in the new role of Chief Business Development Officer.”

Johan Tjärnberg, Trustly’s newly appointed CEO, said: “I am motivated and engaged to assume the role as CEO of Trustly. Trustly is perfectly positioned to make digital payments seamless for everyone by connecting consumers and merchants through their bank account and I am looking forward to being part of the team that will continue to drive Trustly’s global expansion going forward.”

Oscar Berglund said: “I have been CEO of Trustly for more than five years now, working with the fantastic Trustly team. Looking ahead, our operations will continue to grow in terms of both size and complexity. I have worked with Johan for two years and can for the coming phase of the Company’s development think of no better candidate for the Trustly CEO job. I look forward to continuing to work closely with him and the rest of the team in my new role as Chief Business Development Officer, which will allow me to focus on Trustly’s high-impact projects and stakeholder interactions.”