Betting Software provider Altenabet launches a new platform

Altenabet betting software

The betting software of 2022 everybody is talking about

Altenabet just announced their release of the mighty Matrix Altenabet sportsbook software platform with over 125 external apis added from famous casino providers such as: Ezugi, Vivo gaming, Betradar, Betsoft, virtual games, more live dealers, poker, live streaming, statistics and the list goes on and on.

The Altenabet betting software platform created a crazy hype upon release since Mr Tobias Fridell, one of the key figures behind Altenabet decided to reduce the normal setup and purchase prices with 50% for a limited time during the promotion of the platform.
The reason is very strategic since ICE totaly gaming 2022 is just a few week away and after the long pandemic, this will be the first event to visit after a long break during all restrictions.

Competetors however are not so pleased with this strategic move by Altenabet as the revenue and setup fees for a system of this caliber is a major income for operators that offers their clients to setup a white label casino and sportsbetting website with their software solutions and naturally, when Altenabet offers 50% of the source code sale of the entire betting software makes it land around the same price as a setup fee for just a clean white label setup with any other operator.

What is the difference with a white label setup and sourcecode purchase of the Altenabet betting software?

Altenabet betting software setup

White label casino & betting setup

The basics of a white label casino and betting website works like this.

1. you select your own domain name of choise 
2. Pay the white label setup price 
3. The operator will then install a working soluiton on their servers leaving you with admin control and you can fucus in running the business and marketing.


1. The operator (not you) actually owns the customers you generate so if they like they may use cross marketing from other brands for your players, leading them to play elsewhere.
2. You need to pay monthly fees for server, support and other related things based on their agreements with you.
3. Usually the rev share is around 25-45% revenue paid from your income to the operator (the one you buy your white label casino from).
4. Payments / deposits and payouts will be handled by the operator you buy your white label setup from and they will pay you on a monthly basis based on your earnings.
5. If you do no earn anything or less then expected, you still need to pay the monthly minimum fees.


1. You can feel safe knowing that the operator deals with all aspects of technical updates, security and keeping the system online.

Betting software from Altenabet

What is Full source code betting software purchase?

Now this is interesting, normally operators never sell their products like Altenabet does.
You have the possibility to actually buy the full sports betting and casino platform as a self hosted full core system on your own servers and with no limitations.

Basically all rules from the White label option will be deleted and you can do pretty much whatever you want, firstly

1. Once you buy the full betting software source code you will recieve a unencrypted copy oth AltenabetĀ“s brand new platform and without any limitations.

2. You pay NO monthly fees to Altenabet, su additional setup fees and you can manage the entire system with your own team of programmers & staff without any consent from Altenabet.

3. You deal directly with the game and odds data providers, simply copy and paste the API key into admin area of the betting platform and its all live ready to play because everything is actually pre added by Altenabet.

4. Altenabet does not cut in on your profits and does not make any earning by refering you to each operator and this saves you percentages and money.

5. You may create unlimited websites using this option, sell / resell your own white labels to other clients and you may be the operator and cut in on percentages based on their earnings and you decide any monthly fees along with terms & conditions.

You only pay normal fees / commissions directly with the game providers without no middlehand and this way, again
you will save alot and be in total control!

Understandable there isa price gap between theese 2 types of options but if you are looking to expand and create your own line of bussiness without relying on any 3:rd party operator that will earn passive based on your hard work, then the full sourcecode betting software option is the way to go!