fraud website alert

To start with, if you just google the words: scammer
you will get a quick picture of why we are reposting this article once again on behalf of buyers out there who are looking to buy a betting and casino script online.
This scam website have been ripping people off for a year now, 

they only accept crypto and once you pay you get nothing in return,
if you are lucky enough you might get a cheap attempt of clone script with bugs and huge issues.

Its a true shame people like theese feasts on other peoples hard working money and can stay online stealing even more money from people who wishes to start their own betting and casino website.

Have a look at trustpilot right here

There are reported incidents even here and acros the web regarding this site.
If you wish to buy a crypto betting and casino website, have a look at our scripts, we can share code samples, demos, screenshots and even install it on your own server after download.

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